Wolf Pack

From the ashes of Action Man Command there was a need to battle the forces of Shadow, a need to regroup, reorganise and fight back. The Wolf Pack was created as a covert military unit to fight Shadow on their own terms… No Rules

Welcome to The WOLF PACK…

Action Man

Wolf Pack Members are recruited from the best military branches of the old Action Man Command, but are not limited to Action Man, many Gi Joe, Geyperman and adventurers from all over the globe have passed the rigorous selection and become valuable assets to Wolf Pack Command.

Depending on experience, suitability plays heavily on where the asset is assigned, but heavy training in anti terrorist, Guerrilla and commando warfare comes first, as well as refresher courses in modern weapons, unarmed combat and modern day survival skills. Yesterday’s soldier becomes our best line of defence today!

Wolf Pack Command welcomes any veterans to join its ranks and here at Wolf Pack HQ you can find the equipment needed for your next missions against Shadow.

WOLF PACK MOTTO: “From The Ashes”

Action Man Wolf Pack
Desert Wolves


The True Dogs of War, The Desert Wolves come from ex SAS, SBS, Commando and other black ops units, often spending months in Shadow occupied territory the Desert Wolves work in small units, destroying communication relays and supply convoys using hit and run tactics.

Trained to survive in some of the harshest environments the Desert Wolves possess a strong loyalty to each other and a deep hatred for Shadow…. When Wolf Pack Command asked for Bravo Unit to return home for some much needed rest, the commanding officer replied “we are home”.

Area of operations: Middle East, Africa, Iberian Peninsula

Favoured Weapon: FN SCAR

Motto: Strength Through Loyalty

Number of Units: Classified

sea wolves


Stationed at secret aqua bases around the 7 seas are the fearsome Sea Wolves. Very little is known of their supporting role for the Navy but they can often be seen guarding classified Naval installations, they are also equipped with deadly gun ships and can often be seen deploying troops for beach head assaults. Sea Wolves are the best of the best, highly trained, intelligent and deadly to the forces of Shadow.

Area of operations: Unknown

Favoured Weapon: FN SCAR

Motto: “Forged By The Sea”

Number of Units: Classified

Sea Wolves
Action Man Residence

The Resistance

It is unclear when the resistance was actually formed into an organised effort battling against the Shadow regime, but many trace it’s origins back to one man, Ex Royal Marine Major Steve Beckett. 

Beckett has been approached by Wolf Pack Command for selection, but Beckett refused claiming “I will not be shackled by another organisation binding my hands with red tape” The story goes Beckett lost his family during his countries fall to Shadow, they learned of his past and ‘Relocated’ his family, Beckett was not home when Shadow came calling… he vowed every Shadow soldier will fall and he will bring freedom to his land… 

Wolf Pack view the Resistance as a necessary problem and often use the Resistance in joint operations, Beckett reluctantly allows this, if it favours him. Beckett is classed as a ‘LONE WOLF’.

Area of operations: Occupied Territories 

Favoured Weapon: Commando Knife

Motto: “Give me blood and I will give you freedom”

Number of Units: 12 known organised cells

Action Man Shadow Trooper

No one knows where Shadow originates, they gained influence through commerce and government infiltration. They have brought small countries under the control of what they call “The New Order”. They managed to destroy Action man Command and its global Allies.

Shadow have been gaining more and more popularity and many see them as liberators, although something far more sinister lies underneath.

Area of operations: Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, South America

Favoured Weapon: AK47

Motto: “For The New Order”

Number of Units: Unknown

Action Force Black Major