A Little History and a Little About Us

History of the Wolf Pack

1983 and the design team at Palitoy was working hard in preparation for the 1984 toy fair where they would unveil Action Man in his new outfits and accessories based on a fictional unit called “WOLF PACK”

Alas in early 1984 the Action Man line was deleted, all stock was to be sold off and tooling destroyed. Wolf Pack never saw the light of day… until now!

In 2018 The Vintage Action Man Collectors FaceBook page commissioned a modern representation of what a Wolf Pack Soldier would look like if still in production today. This boxed figure kept close to the vintage feel as much as possible even using vintage parts. We only produced 70 boxed figures and moved on… in 2020 due to demand from the VAMC members Wolf Pack was asked to return, this time with a whole new range…

original Wolf Pack

Wolf PackThe Original Wolf Pack as conceived by the Palitoy design team, note the reuse of existing uniforms & accessories from the time. We wanted to keep as close to the original concept as much as possible, even using vintage items and figures, but most importantly we wanted all our current uniforms to retain that vintage toy like feel.


Numbers Speak For Themselves!

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Vintage Action Man Wolf Pack
Vintage Action Man Wolf Pack

Wolf PackThings have moved on since that first boxed figure, Wolf Pack has grown into a range of outfits, accessories and even has an enemy in the guise of “Shadow” based loosely on the Action Force enemy, after all Action Force helped seal Action Mans fate in the 80’s, so it only seamed fitting they would still be battling today. Wolf Pack is 100% unofficial, a range  made for fans by fans for all 1/6 scale vintage figures.

Some of the Vintage Action Man and GI Joe figures are over 50 years old, they deserve our respect, and above all they still deserve to be as relevant today as they was 50 years ago….

Its time to dust off those old soldiers for one more mission, its time to join WOLF PACK

Wolf Pack

About Us

I have been a Action Man collector since the early 90’s and I am also the founder of the Facebook group, the Vintage Action Man Collectors. After we produced a club exclusive figure back in 2018 based on the fabled Wolf Pack, I genuinely thought that was the end of it. The members however asked for another Wolf Pack addition and with my wonderful wife Kellie we thought OK, but why stop there? Lets make a range and create the Wolf Pack world in todays society and here it is, the pack has grown and is constantly growing as are the fans. 
Kellie and I are dedicated to customer service and producing a quality product, all our uniforms are made by us, here in Europe. So even if you purchase something on ‘Back Order’ you know it will be despatched within the week. We are collectors too and you are taking a punt buying into the Wolf Pack brand, yes its unofficial, yes we decided to keep the outfits toy like rather then super detailed like Dragon or Hot Toys, basically we did not want to loose the charm of the original brand, our jackets even have Wolf Pack tags.
We have been blown away by the amount of return customers and it is always great to see what you guys come up with, after all the pack was designed for you to create your own Wolf Pack units in your vision.
Please keep checking back, we have so many new designs going into production, this is just the beginning of the journey.
So, on behalf of Kellie and myself we hope you join us for this crazy ride and become part of the pack.
Vintage Action Man Wolf Pack